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Responsive Web Design has developed over the past few years to become a device agnostic approach to delivering content to users. From a mobile browser on an iPhone all the way up to a HDTV, responsive websites are able to adjust their appearance based on screen dimensions. We can no longer design for a desktop screen with the number of devices and different screen sizes that are available today; and also those that will come tomorrow.

Today, websites are being consumed on a variety of devices, not just the traditional desktop computer of yesterday. Now, users are visiting websites from their phone, tablet, tv, games console, as well as their laptop and desktop computers. We need to adapt to the change in size and variety of devices that are on the market, and being released every month.

To handle all these devices, the latest technique of Responsive Web Design (RWD) is being employed more and more, especially over the traditional method of creating a separate desktop site and mobile site. Google has announced that it prefers to see sites work responsively as there is only one single page for all content.

The process of responsive web design works by making the website expand and contract, based on the width of the browser in question. Take this site for example, you can make your browser window smaller and you will see the elements on the page reposition themselves to adapt to the different size. This works on all devices including iPhone, Android, iPad, small laptop screens, and large desktop screens.

There is still a case for having dedicated mobile websites, with limited content for particular users. Depending on a clients particular requirements, this may be a solution worth implementing and we have found that this can only be determined on a case by case basis.


Resonsive Web Desing Benefits

  •   Reduced development cost
  •   Faster and smoother user experience
  •   Quality appearance
  •   Less maintenance
  •   Collected sharing
  •   Mobile Optimized
  •   Safety against duplicate content penalties
  •   Search Engine Optimization benefits
  •   Increase your Conversion




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