Hello… Everyone..

I am Shahinur. I am a student of Computer Science & Engineering Department in Jessore University Of Science & Technology (JUST). Computer Programming Is My Hobby.I wanna lead a simple and natural life. Always try to learn something new….


In short time in my varsity life I have learn some of Language’s,CMS’s,Software’s.Basically I am a web programmer,Designer and expert in WordPress CMS. But I have many Experience in Desktop base language’s like C,C++,C#,Java,Python,Oracle Database. Already I made a Snake Game in C and C++ that is playable in all windows platform.Also I made a Supershop management System in C# language and Oracle database.


I have some experience in Android . Recently I have made a Captive tiger Game in android platform.I am now learning AndEngine To give a better look in My Game. I am also a sqlite Database Specialist.


“Web” is my passion :)

I have learn Some of Web Base Languages,Markup language, Scripting languages and databases.

I am good at WordPress, Joomla, HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Jquery,PHP,ASP.Net,MySql Database,Some CSS framework like Twitter Bootstrap,CSS Less Framework etc.


My Experience Level at a glance: